Monica Dogliani

Monica Dogliani works in marketing research since 1983 (office and research group Ferrero Soremartec) and consultancy in the field since 1990.

Mature experience as a researcher and consultant in various sectors and areas, both groups (Ferrero, SKF, ING Bank) and in medium and small businesses, communication agencies, promotion and training.

Designs and conducts studies of qualitative and quantitative. Using research techniques classic creative, innovative experiences to offer added value to the results of the studies.

Receives assignments in the project (concept testing, imaging studies, positioning, packaging testing, testing of communication) and long-term assignments (studies of strategic services and innovative products also) for the management, organization, supervision, training resources (activity? training of researchers, interviewers, promoters, managers)

Through its close partnerships with advertisers, prototypes, illustrators, web designers, photographers, redefines its professional profile to respond ever more? tailored to the needs of multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies, agencies of communication and promotion.

As a curator and research consultancy in 1990 creates MDR Currently uses decentralized structures to offer its customers the best choice of venue for meetings, brief.

Prototypes 3D M.D.R.

Example of 3D prototypes accompanied by an explanatory document. (MIX research product - optimal-ideal solutions). Realization of prototypes on the basis of the results of a qualitative study (thanks to the intervention of the researcher and professionals who, in eslcusiva, intervene on qualitative studies for the realization of a result with added value. (Optimal solutions - Ideal solutions)

Case history

From objectives to strategies by merging exclusive experience and new technologies into the result (study report, optimal or ideal solutions in a 3D or prototype format).

M.D.R. helps you to find solutions

M.D.R. allows its customers with the expertise and research to take decisions and act appropriately and effectively. M.D.R. helps you to find solutions, understand the potential and direct action to achieve your goals.